I am approached pretty regularly with project and/or business ideas. People are curious if I think their idea is a good one and, of course, if I think there is any money it. Then we almost always end up in the conversation of whether I can do it or not.

I firmly believe that anything is possible… Whether it is in my main job, my various side projects or life in general. You can do ANYTHING, you just can’t do EVERYTHING. Time just wont permit it if you want to maintain any type of personal life.

Your mind and body are amazing things that, given the right environment, the right inputs, initiative and execution you can accomplish anything you really want to accomplish. Of course, a lot of success is “right place, right time” but it is also about recognizing the opportunity and taking a hold of it. Most of all, never be afraid to fail but be cognizant of what is at risk if you do fail.

Also be aware of your own personal/professional Return On Investment (ROI). Investment could be time, experience, Intellectual Property (IP) or any number of things you will have to invest into a project. No matter what, you are going to invest some type of Capital to be at the table. Make sure that Capital is something you are willing to lose if the project fails.

New Project

So, on to my newest project. I won’t be giving details but I will be explaining a little about my thought process.

I know how to accomplish about 75% of the Minimally Viable Product (MVP) pretty quickly with PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap, Material Design and MySQL. I could also choose to use C#, SQL and try out Azure for a personal project (I use it in my day job) where I know how to do about 60% of what I need. The challenge is the scalability if I go either of those routes. I could have something up and running within a few days of dedicated dev focus but finding even an hour of solid coding time right now is a difficult (for example I have been stopped 6, no 7, 8, 9+ times while writing this post). That is just for the MVP. Then there are the v2 and nice-to-have features that could become pretty unwieldy if I do it all on my own. Or maybe doing it on my own is the best option because I will know it way better than using something written by someone else.

I know that the WordPress community has a ton of Plugins available that can actually hit 50% of the MVP plus get several of the v2 features right away. I have found some of them and started testing but I am debating with myself if that is a good route since any update to WordPress could negatively impact the Plugins that I would then be reliant upon. Not to mention the frequent security issues with WordPress and how hard it can be to customize the infrastructure or build add-on custom forms or UI’s.

Here is another part of the dilemma… This is more of a humanitarian project, which could be bought out in the future, but short/mid-term is expected to generate no revenue.

Why Do It?

Good question…

One reason to do it is because I believe in the underlying purpose of the project. If executed well and adopted broadly it could help to bring people of different backgrounds together over a common interest. I like to see people of different ethnicities, cultures or life styles sharing time together and getting to know one another. Taking down barriers of bias to actually get to know people and who they are is important to me.

The other reason is more selfish. If I work on this project I can learn some skills needed on some other projects that I have which are pending input from others.

Back to researching and testing… After spending some time with the family and making the kids lunch.


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